• Standard air-conditioned

    In the Blue Voyages, you will fully feel the freedom, entertainment, relaxation and recreation and enjoy the hotel pleasure. Number of the cabins in our luxury type yachts varies between 6 and 10 cabins. There is a wide sunbath area on the front deck and relaxation possibility in shadow area on the rear deck.There are double beds and WC/showers and wide living rooms and fully equipped kitchen and refrigeration units in all cabins. There are hand and face towels in each cabins. 

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  • Standard Yachts
    Standard Yachts

    These yachts are exactly for you, if the comfort is important for you and if you wish to enjoy the beauties of blue and green in a deluxe environ. If you say that the lyric life and visible pleasures are indispensable components for you, you are here on the right place. 

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